Training Holidays


Running in the sun

Our locations were originally selected because of the beauty of the running routes that we discovered. The Algarve host’s breathtaking coastal tracks, woodland trail runs and flat beaches that span over 6km. The Pyrenees puts size into perspective as you are dwarfed when running by (or up!) the enormous surrounding cols.

We mix each week up to showcase the best of what each location has to offer. All our routes are suitable for a novice through to a championship runner. We normally run two sessions a day and will sit with you at the start of the week to go over what sessions will be most beneficial for you. With clear markings, hydration and Embrace leading the way, you will find the running not only challenging but very rewarding.


One sport is not enough

Swimming: We position our accommodation as close to the training facilities as possible. Each one of our locations is in a short walking distance, if not a 5-10min drive. There are a number of quality indoor swimming pools at each location and a beautiful outdoor Olympic pool in the Algarve. We have built a relationship with each facility to give our guests access to our own private lanes.
Whenever possible we like to do as much open water swim training as we can. We find a lot of guests don’t have access to this back at home so we like to spend the time teaching open water techniques, drafting and getting a general feel for the open water. Because of the climate and locations of our destinations, open water swimming is in abundance.
Although the training week is about swimming in a new destination and experience the open water, we do spend a little bit of time with each guest covering swimming technique. We also hold a small workshop on the transition between swim & bike that can be fun!


I want to ride my bike

We admit we are a bit spoilt. That is when it comes to cycling at our training destinations! Two Tour of the Algarve (“Volta ao Algarve”) stages are 5min minutes up the road from our villas in Portugal. In France we are based near the foot of the Tourmalet in the Pyrenees. The Algarve has been a popular destination for cyclists for many years as it offers a wide range of challenging mountain biking and road cycling routes. This includes the Monchique Mountains and the world famous The Tour of the Algarve. The tour is a major cycle race that happens in February and has been won by the likes of Alberto Contador (2009 & 2010) and Floyd Landis (2004). In fact, the fifth and final stage takes in the Monchique mountain ranges close to us.


Share the fun

Take your club or group away with us:
The biggest problems with organising group training holidays is finding the right location, mapping out various training routes, finding quality facilities, accommodation, transport, catering and co-ordinating the logistics. Let Embrace take the burden from you! Our Embrace team has spent considerable time addressing these common problems to allow you to focus on the two most important things: training and relaxing.

Bring your friends & training buddies:
What better way to spend time with those around you than drilling each other on a training holiday with Embrace? Well not exactly! On our holidays you will enjoy a week structured around a customised training programme, while staying in 4 to 5* accommodation with fantastic local cuisine all in an amazing European destination. Who better to share this experience with than your friends? They will thank you for it!

Got a non-training partner? No worries:
Trying to justify to your partner the idea of jetting off for a training week in the sun is not always the easiest! So why not bring them? We understand the importance of relationships and more often than not this will eat up some valuable holiday leave. Embrace will help cater for your partner or friends by organising hobbies, shopping and activities to keep them entertained while you get some quality training in 🙂