Algarve: Faro, Portugal. Pyrenees: Toulouse, France. French Alps: Lyon Saint Exupery.
Mid morning or early afternoon is normally best. We understand this may not always be possible. We provide transfers throughout the day but if you are thinking of booking an unusual flight time please clear this with us before booking.
Yes. An Embrace representative will be at the airport/train station to take you to our sports complex.
Yes. Please let us know beforehand if you plan to bring a bike box or other large pieces of luggage.
Yes. If it’s easier for you to bring your own vehicle then we will arrange arrival details with you.
Yes. We provide all training transport during your holiday. We also do regular trips to the local towns generally to food shop so you are welcome to join us.


We provide a ‘sample’ schedule to give a general idea of what a training week might look like. The reality is this changes a lot due to weather conditions, ability levels, training focuses and athlete feedback / requests.
We like to offer one or two optional fun events during the week. This is included into the training sessions to practice pacing, skill sets, transitions and mock events. We have a lot of fun with these!
Check out the ‘Ability Level’ tab on the Holiday Specifics page.
Yes. We get a lot of first timers so you will be in good company. There is an opportunity at the start of the week to have a chat with us and cover anything you are unsure of.
We have a lot of advanced athletes attend our holidays and we structure the week to push all limits. Many athletes having attended our training holidays have gone on to represent their countries at world championship events. We are very proud to be apart of their journey.
No. Every session is optional and in some cases we recommend not attending them all. The schedule is a ‘sample’ only and we get a good idea of abilities early in the week. We keep a close eye on everyone and push those that need a push and rest up those that need a bit of recovery.
On the longer training sessions we will set up nutrition and hydrations points so that athletes can refuel. We do however ask that you carry your own nutrition as you would on your own training session at home.
On longer rides there will be a pilot vehicle carrying fuel, tools and tyre spares.
Yes. There is always an option to cross-train during the week. We can point you in the right direction of a gym or fitness facility. This is normally not the case with the amount of training on offer though!
We will do our best to get you back in action with local sports medical professionals. If we can’t get you back up and running we will find you some fun cross-training sessions to do.
We aim to train in most conditions but we may adapt a session indoors or cancel it if conditions are really bad. It’s something that may only happen to us once or twice a year but safety is the first consideration. Normally we make for any missed sessions 🙂

Clothing, equipment & facilities

There are washing machines at hand so you don’t need to bring as much as you think. Remember to bring warm and wet weather gear despite the season. Two pairs of trainers in case one pair gets wet. Enough kit for at least three days.
For swimming you will need; a swim outfit (Speedos or lycra shorts for males, and one piece for females), goggles, swim cap, flip flops and a your own towel. At the gym; towel, sports shoes and an optional drink bottle.
We have general sports and recovery drinks, energy bars and gels for sale at our sports complex’s.
Yes, if it is confirmed with us first it should be fine.

Groups & Partners

Get in contact with us with your groups requirements. Also see our ‘Groups’ tab on our Holidays page.
Our pricing is very competitive but it does depend on the size and requirements of your group. We will come back to you with a couple of great options to consider.
Yes. We have a lot of athletes that bring their partners on holiday with them. As our costs per person are relatively fixed we can only offer a £50 discount for your non-training partner.
On group bookings providing the guardian(s) take full responsibility we do allow this.

Languages and cultures

Portuguese in Portugal. French in France. All our locations are tourist friendly so the locals speak good English and are easy to communicate with.
It is a good idea to learn the basics before coming to Portugal and France as a little effort is always appreciated by the locals.
Nothing out of the normal comes to mind. I am sure you will learn quickly if there is!

Entertainment and excursions

Relax and recover! Some athletes choose to lay by the pool in the sun while others with itchy feet spend their free time exploring the local areas. Most prefer a mix of the two.
Yes of course. There is quite a bit of free time each day to go off and do whatever you would like.
There are always athletes that want to put together a pool volleyball team, a pool table competition, around the world with darts or make up a game poolside. You can choose to participate or spectate!
We normally head off on 2-3 optional excursions during the week to explore the local sights.

Accommodation & facilities

Check out the ‘Locations’ tab on the Holiday Specifics page.
Most guests wished they brought less clothing items! We provide washing powder for the machines.
Yes. One towel is provided for you and changed mid-week. There is an option at the time of booking to hire an additional large beach towel.
We have surround sound systems at all our locations. An ipod jack or phone dock is available for any DJ guests that don’t like our music!
All the basic toiletries you would normally take on holiday. It’s also a good idea to bring chaffing creams, band-aids, anti-inflammatories and pain killers. Just in case!
If booking as an individual we ask that guests share twin rooms with someone of the same gender. If booking as a couple you will have your own room. See more on the ‘Accommodation’ tab on Holiday Specifics.
You can request a ‘single room supplement’ when reserving your holiday. This is a £100 supplement which we allow if space permits.
We ask that you treat our complex as your own home (if you look after your home!) by cleaning up after yourself and helping out at time-to-time. We also ask that you be considerate to other guests and keep noise levels down later in the evening.
Each location has its own unique features and entertainment areas. For more info see the ‘Accommodation’ tab on Holiday Specifics.
The Algarve, Pyrenees and French Alps all use European adapters.
We have never experienced any problems in the past. We always ensure the complex is locked up and guests are looked after however we do recommend you have travel insurance.
The water is safe and drinkable and is preferred by most athletes. There is however bottle water available locally should you prefer.
An additional night before or after the holiday start or end dates can be requested via the booking form. This can be the case when athletes in remote locations cannot find suitable flights on these dates. If availability permits we allow athletes to come a night earlier or leave a day later. Please note that we do not provide transfers outside of the arrival and departure days. We can of course assist with contacting a shuttle company. This is for accommodation only however if we are heading out for a meal then you are more than welcome to join us. Cost £45pp per night.


Food is provided for the guests to prepare their own breakfast when they are ready. A large display of cereals, fruits, porridge, toasts, jam’s, eggs, yoghurts, tea & coffee and juices are available.
There is also a porridge board where guests can put their initials up and have hot porridge ready for them at a set time along with a number of creative toppings. This is normally a no-brainer for most people!
As with breakfast everyone gets to make their own lunch at their own timing. The coaches normally over cater with the evening meals so there are so great leftovers ready in the fridge. We also provide lunch ingredients such as: fresh bread rolls, meats, cheese, salads, eggs, fruit and lots of snack foods. Guests are also free to use the cooking facilities if they want to be creative. See the ‘Catering’ tab on the Holiday Specifics page for more details.
Except on two occasions, when you will be taken out to local restaurants, dinners will be provided for you. Meals are freshly made each day by the coaches. All dinners include fresh salads and a mix of carbs and proteins to help fuel your training. We use good quality local produce and suppliers.
Top regional wine is included at dinner time. Premium tap beer is available at cost price.
To see some of favourite dishes we create see our ‘Catering’ tab on our Holiday Specifics page.
Vegetarian, vegan, lacto, gluten-free, flexitarian, pescetarian and allergies… Don’t worry we have you covered! We ask for your dietary requirements pre-departure and are experienced in catering for all dietary requirements.
The group normally enjoys the nights out but they are of course optional.
Tough! Haha, no we are happy to discuss other food options with you.
Yes. We normally go to the supermarket each day so we are happy to take athletes along with us.
We provide guests with a generous amount of top regional wines for dinner times. There is also premium quality tap beer available at cost price. There is a plentiful supply of all other non-alcohol beverages supplied as part of the package.


Yes. You can reserve this on your booking. See the ‘Optional Extras’ tab on the Holiday Specifics page.
Yes. You can reserve this on your booking. See the ‘Optional Extras’ tab on the Holiday Specifics page.
We ask you to pay the repair cost of all damages to any hire items.

Payments, currencies & money

To secure your place we require a £100 per person deposit. This payment is requested upon completion of the booking form.
Guests will be invoiced for the full amount 6 weeks prior to the departure date.
The two evening meals out cost about 25euros each. Other than that just any shopping you would like to do, any sweets and the odd coffee here and there.
The currency in Portugal and France is the Euro. Please see online exchange rate calculators for the current exchange.
There are a number of cash machines in all our locations. These machines except all major cards.
Yes. There are money exchange facilities at each airport and in the local towns.
Portugal & France is relatively cheap when purchasing gifts, food and drink. You will find you won’t need to spend a lot of money when you are on an Embrace holiday.

Shopping and cafes

Yes. Town centres are normally 10-20min walk and we do drop off’s on some days.
Walk, bus, bike or run!
There are so many great cafe’s it is hard not to stop for a coffee (esp when they are only 60cents each!).
Postcards are easy to find, but post boxes are not. We will point you in the right direction.