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Most our training holidays reach capacity and sell out. This is between 15 – 25 athletes depending on the type of holiday and the location. In an addition to this, we have between 4 – 8 coaches on each camp to facilitate and mange your week. We always get a great group of positive people and have a lot of fun (sometimes too much!).
No matter what your ability level is we design our training weeks to allow all shapes and sizes, age groups and ability levels to train with each other and share the same amazing experiences.

Every athlete that attends an Embrace Sports training holiday has his or her own story and journey to share within the sport.

We design, facilitate and support each training session so that everyone trains at the same time but gets out exactly what they are after.

We have been delivering these training holidays for over 8 years and mastered the art of making mixed abilities work. Whether you consider yourself a tortoise or a hare we understand any concerns you may have, as you are part of the majority, and want to ensure you that you will be taken care of.

Typically most people travel solo (around 65%) so you will be in good company. We also get a number of couples, groups of friends (normally made on previous Embrace holidays!), and sometimes clubs
Vegetarian, vegan, lacto, gluten-free, flexitarian, pescetarian and allergies… Don’t worry we have you covered! We ask for your dietary requirements pre-departure and are experienced in catering for all dietary requirements.
There is nothing worse than turning up to a training session not at your best, or injured. However this is a training week and everyone comes with different goals. Some people aim to use the week to kick-start their training and regain their fitness levels. If for some reason you are unable to train at a particular session we have a number of x-training options for you. You will still learn a lot and be around positive people which can be just the fix!
Maybe – but age and sports don’t go hand-in-hand. We may take up sports at different times in our lives but exercise always brings out the best in people. No matter what age we find people on our training holidays there is always a common ground and friendships made. There is not status.
Some of the closest friendships formed on our holidays are from both ends of the age scale. When sports and wellbeing are a common interest good people come together.


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